What’s the future of disability sports after the paralympic games at London 2012

The keyword used by the organisers of London 2012 was "legacy". They used it when talking about the Olympics and in particular the Paralympics. Disability sports in Britain needed a boost and there had to be a long lasting impression left on youngsters to encourage them to get involved in their local clubs.

There were success stories at 2012. The Young Sports Personality of the Year was won by the Paralympic swimmer Josef Craig. The affable 16 year old beating his able body rivals to the title. In the past few days Josef has kicked on again to break the world record in his event.Disability Overview

It’s safe to say London 2012 did no harm in promoting disability sports to a mainstream audience. The challenge now will be to continue the success. If the latest numbers are to be believed then on a national level there has not been a huge jump in the amount of disabled people joining their local clubs. There are however stories that breed promise. Six months after the Olympics there were apparently 25% more people playing wheelchair basketball and an increase of more than a third in wheelchair rugby. Those are figures that paint a healthier picture.

Glasgow will hold the biggest ever Commonwealth Games Para-sport programme in 2014. That will offer another chance for the best disabled athletes to show off their skills. It’s also another chance to encourage the next generation. If the coverage of the games is as good as it was in 2012 then this can only be a good sign for the future of disabled sports.

The fact is it’s just too early at this stage to know the future of disability sports in Britain. What we can say is that it’s certainly in a better state than before 2012 and that means progress. If progress can be continued then there is no doubt the future is bright.

How you can get a loan to help you with new disablity products

Human life is diverse and complex. Throughout its course, a person is sure to encounter several – if not numerous – events that will greatly impact his or her life, even to the point of changing it. These events can be positive (change of career, promotions, or achievements), but they can also be tragic such as in the case of having physical or mental disabilities.

In the United Kingdom, about one person in five have some form of disability. These people were either born with the disability or acquired it later in life through developmental issues, injuries, illness, or accidents. They make it hard for the affected people to perform even simple physical activities such as walking, commuting, taking a shower, or even acquiring something that is out of reach. Their disabilities also hinder them from getting jobs and sustaining their needs financially. Bottom line is that these people need help.get a loan to help

If you are a person with disability living in UK, you will be glad that there are plenty of ways to get a loan even if loans for bad credit for your disability products. If you need help in obtaining equipment for your daily living, medical needs, or wheelchairs, you can always approach your local social service department and file a request for aloan. They will then send a specialist to assess your situation and determine whether you are eligible for the loan or not. Having a letter of recommendation from your doctor or therapist will also help speed up the process but is certainly not required.

There are also a lot of independent organizations that offer loans and financial help to people with disabilities. Examples of these are the British Red Cross, Assist UK, Disabled Living Foundation, and eQUIP For Life, among others. Try contacting these organizations and find how you can avail of their offers.

What are the different products that can help with your disability?

If you have a disability, you may make use of various assistive devices to help you in and around the home or work place. Assistive devices are disability products that help you carry out tasks that you could not perform due to disability. The products may help a person move around, eat, get dressed or undressed, write and perform many other functions.

There are different categories of disability products. Some are designed for mobility functions, while others are designed to enable certain groups of disable people stand or sit. Assistive devices for mobility are also known as ambulatory aids. Ambulatory aids include walkers, crutches and canes. These devices are used to offer an extension of the upper extremities to assist pass on weight of the body and provide support for the person using it.Disability Overview

Advanced technology assistive aids help people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy and paraplegia to be able to walk or stand. Standing assistive devices support people with disabilities to stand while maintaining or enhancing their health. Some known standing assistive devices include active slander, standing frame and standing wheelchair, among others. Seating aids such as therapeutics, seating systems and cushions help people with disabilities to sit comfortably. Besides, , unlike many other assistive devices for the enhancement of day by day life such as grab bars and walkers, certain products such as hearing aids and eye glasses apparently call for an expert’s inspection.

Assistive devices can enable you improve your quality of life and boost your sense of autonomy. Well devised living aids that support autonomous living for the disabled, seniors and those with various categories of injuries should make life significantly more secure and easier for all users. Disability products encourage greater independence by giving people opportunities to execute tasks that they would otherwise not been able to perform, or had too much difficulty performing. If you miss jobs because you are disabled, you should consider acquiring assistive devices to enhance your ability to be more productive. One of the best ways of affording these useful devices is by taking a loan. However, before applying for a loan, you should be sure that the devices that you intend to purchase will enhance your productivity. If they would not, choose appropriate ones.

Another product that may be of benefit to you if you have a disability is life Insurance. This is a type of cover where you pay a monthly premium and gets paid out to your loved ones should you pass away. This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are looked after financially once you are no longer with them.